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Bloomin' Metric®:

The Routes

Four incredible, well-marked routes, along a beautiful Connecticut shoreline and through a classic New England countryside are featured in this popular bike tour. Choose your route on the day of the Bloomin' Metric®. You can switch routes during the early portions of your ride as the routes overlap for a few miles. Our routes have extensive ride marshal and police support to keep everything running smoothly and safely.
25 km
Southport Harbor along Bloomin' Metric Route
This route was designed specifically with the new or novice cyclist in mind. You will be joining a planned group lead by experienced ride leaders who hold the groups together in a tour-like fashion, guiding the riders along the course. This may be a perfect opportunity to get comfortable with group riding and learn more about the sport of cycling.

This route offers fairly easy terrain along a shared route with all the other riders as it travels from the shoreline of Westport, with beautiful views of Long Island Sound, into Southport Harbor and turning slightly north of Route 1 in Fairfield. As you head back west into Westport you'll pass by old farmlands and a hunt club.

Arrive at the park early to allow yourself time to park, gather your bike, helmet, water bottle, etc., check in and follow signs to the Meeting Area. Meeting time is 9:00 am and starting time is 9:30 am. For details, click here.
Access to RWGPS, cues and GPX files for the 25 km route for downloading are not available yet.

Milage Conversion
40 km
Greenfield Hilll in Fairfield, CT along Bloomin' Metric Route
8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
This route travels slightly more inland than the shortest route but still shares views of Long Island Sound in Westport. As you continue north into Fairfield, you begin to ascend Greenfield Hill, known for it blooming dogwood trees, for which the Bloomin' Metric® was named.

Remember, this is not a race. It's a bike tour with plenty to see, so take your time and enjoy the scenery. This route only passes through two towns – Westport and Fairfield but both offer beautiful shoreline and inland views.

The terrain is a combination of rolling with some hills and plenty of flat sections. The course will travel just north of the Merritt Parkway passing through some horse farm country before you make your way back into Westport and to the one food stop on this route. From there, there will be a series of nice long downhills and gentle undulations before you start heading back to Sherwood Island State Park.
Access to RWGPS, cues and GPX files for the 40 km route for downloading are not available yet.

Milage Conversion

75 km
Apple Barn in Easton, CT along Bloomin' Metric Route
7:30 AM – 9:00 AM
For the more ambitious rider or those who want more of a challenge, this route offers all kinds of terrain from flat to rolling hills to challenging climbs. The course travels through five towns passing along the shore in Westport, heading up to the rolling hills of Fairfield and around the reservoirs in Easton, Redding and Weston.

From a scenic point of view, the course features crashing waterfalls and classically quiet, narrow, totally tree-covered country roads. The route profile slowly builds to a crescendo with a climb to the top of the reservoir in Redding before descending down to Weston.

There are three food stops along the route with two specifically placed for the 75-kilometer riders. The extra stop is placed to service the 100-kilometer riders who share their return route with you. Once reentering Westport there will be some fast downhills and a few rolling hills before flattening out on the return to the park.
Access to RWGPS, cues and GPX files for the 75 km route for downloading are not available yet.

Milage Conversion
100 km
Poverty Hollow Horse Farm along Bloomin' Metric Route
7:00 AM – 7:30 AM
For seasoned cyclists or those who want more to stay on the bike for a longer ride, this course features flat to hilly terrain and everything in between. This route travels through seven towns and follows all of the 75-kilometer route with an added 25-kilometer loop that truly defines the word bucolic.

The upper loop enters Newtown and finds its way through narrow, winding roads, past lily ponds and crashing waterfalls within the Poverty Hollow section of the course. As the route circles around you will find yourself in farm country with plenty of horses, cows, sheep and goats watching you pass by.

There are three food stops along this route to make sure you are completely refueled for the remainder of the ride. After the rollercoaster ride around the Saugatuck Reservoir, you'll flatten out somewhat as you head down toward the shore and into the park at Sherwood Island.
Access to RWGPS, cues and GPX files for the 100 km route for downloading are not available yet.

Milage Conversion