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Pre-Bloomin' Activities
When you sign up to ride the Bloomin' Metric® you get more than just a bike tour. You will be getting valuable information and services in addition to the ride. For your peace of mind, it would be important that your bike is in good working order in advance of the Bloomin' Metric®. By registering, you will be able to get a free inspection for your bike at a participating bike shop, which we encourage cyclists take advantage of.
In additional to that, you will be getting a trial membership to Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club until June 15th, where you can take advantage of some rides and clinics.

In-Shop Bike Inspection
Local bike shop
Support Your Local Bike Shop
There is no substitute for their expertise – from selecting and fitting your bicycle to accessories and clothing. Plus bike maintenance.
Bike being inspected
Have Your Bike Inspected
Participating bike shops provide free in-shop bike inspections to Bloomin' registrants.
Get your bike ready!
Bike accessories in shop
Use Your 10% Discount
Most participating bike shops provide a 10% discount on accessories. See store for details. Get yourself ready!
Check with your local bike shop to see if they are participating in the free bike inspection program for the Bloomin' Metric®. There will be techs at Sherwood Island to help you out as well.

Bloomin' Metric Bike Riders
SCBC Rides, Events and Seminars
All are open to Bloomin' Metric® registrants. Schedule subject to change. Many additional rides and specific details in the SCBC Ride and Event Schedule. Accessible after you register

Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club Logo
Register for the Bloomin' Metric® in 2023 and you get a SCBC Trial Membership up until June 15, 2023
Once you receive your trial membership as a Bloomin' Metric® registrant, you'll be able to access the Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club schedule, where you will see listed approximately 20 to 40 rides each week, most paces and ride levels.

We are a volunteer-run recreational road cycling club located in Fairfield County. Our club annually provides 1300+ organized rides and events, serving cyclists of all levels. We stress safety, fun and fitness, and host a variety of social activities.
P.O. Box 1144, Darien, CT 06820

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